Burger Restaurant Express


Burger Restaurant Express will guide you to become the best and most famous Burger seller in America. Make burgers for customers and scale your stall.

Steps to make Burger

Make a Burger according to the customer's request. Put the burger crust in the oven and put the meat on the grill. When the meat is cooked, quickly remove it to a plate and clip the Burger shell to the meat and give it to the customer. To take a closer look at the customer's requirements, click on their words and you will see what you will have to add to make it right. Some guests will choose to add ketchup, so be careful. No matter how many menus, be careful with your meat. If you burn the meat, it will be deducted from your salary, so always pay attention to the meat is the most important.

In addition to Burger, you also serve salads, this dish is simpler when you just give them to customers without having to do any manipulation. This dish also automatically restores when the cupboard is empty.

Target in this game

Every sale day is a different goal. The more goals you successfully accomplish, the more goals you will have in the future. That means you also have to do it faster because the number of customers will be more and more crowded. The result of more and more customers is that you not only do the right thing but also quickly the customer's request.

Expand your business

Every day you will sell burgers in many different locations. This is great for your career. Developing a business in many places makes you quickly known to many customers and your dishes will be elevated in a positive direction. From a street stall to shops and Burger chains all over the place.