Chicken Merge


Chicken Merge is a fighting game between chickens and foxes. Protect your territory safely, do not let any wolves intrude and eat the chickens in the coop.

Tasks to do of chicken warriors

The brave chickens sacrifice themselves to protect the chickens in their coop. Warriors need you to make a plan before going into battle. Buy two level 1 chickens and upgrade them to level 2 chickens. Increase the number of chickens exponentially. Merge two level 2 chickens into a level 3 chicken and merge in turn until the chicken has the highest level. Prepare the chickens and put them in battle position. When you are ready, start the fight with the foxes. The battle is won when no foxes enter your territory.

How to control

This game belongs to the click genre. Move and merge the chickens to defend your territory.

Features of the game

Your own life

You only have five lives in a fight. When a chicken's position is not secure and is eaten by a wolf, it is an invasion of the territory and you lose a life. Win the match without any wolves entering your territory or you lose five lives if you are attacked by five wolves on your territory.

Buy items in the store

You can buy Damage, Eggs, Coins, Cost, Gems to make sure your battle is won. It makes me fight faster and defend better so the wolves take a long time or don't attack your territory.