City Truck Driver


Are you ready to start on a fantastic journey with your trucks inside of a vast metropolis in City Truck Driver! Let's board the vehicle and begin the trip!

This truck simulator game has thousands of features to offer you, including choices for customizing your vehicle, mission mode, racing mode, and free drive mode. There are thirteen distinct truck types, and each has unique qualities in terms of acceleration, speed, and handling. If you want to upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one, you must participate in the missions or racing modes. 10 objectives and ten races need to be finished. You move certain objects from one place to another using your trailer in mission mode. Transporting the objects should be done with prudence. You may pick it up at the area indicated by the arrow by following it. Make sure you cross the finish line before the timer expires. In racing mode, you will compete against five opponents on the city track, and you must complete the races in the top three positions to win. Make an effort to finish ahead of your competitors. You may play the racing mode and free driving mode in single-player or two-player mode. Start the incredible truck simulator now!

How to play

Move with the WASD or arrow keys in one-player mode. Handbrake with SPACE. Camera mode switch with C. Attach/Disconnect trailer: "T" Dual-Player Mode: Player 1 uses the following controls to move: "W,A,S,D"; "SPACE" for the handbrake; and "C" for the camera mode swap. Move: "ARROW KEYS" Player 2 Brake lever: "J" Switch for camera mode: "B