Color Road


Embark on an exhilarating journey along the vibrant Color Road. Control the ball to go as far as possible by moving and touching the ball of the same color. Go as far as possible to earn high scores.
Color Road requires players to have quick reflexes to move the ball on the right path. If you touch a ball of a different color, you will lose immediately and have to start over.
Roll to the ball that has the same color!
Avoid the ball, which has a different color.
The color ball is moving back and forth: this ball will prevent your ball from passing. Try not to touch it if it is a different color.
Striped ball help you earn some special points.
The portals will change your current shadow color.
Collect as many coins along the way to increase your score.
Control the ball as far as possible and conquer the beautiful, colorful path in the air.


Use the mouse to play.