Crazy Tycoon


Especially fascinating business simulation game: Crazy Tycoon. The players' goals include making money, growing the plaza's size, and dominating the market.

Welcome to a vast planet filled with opulent residences, competitive commerce, and dark dealings! You may start your journey toward becoming a millionaire right here. Start developing your skills right immediately! To establish your own business and employ staff, according to the guidelines. Every new person you hire boosts your store's revenue. Locate your first talent and give her an upgrade using the talents tab. To progress on your adventure and receive prizes, complete the primary missions. Compete with rival businessmen for new locations and start new businesses. Setting the next building as a top priority is the best course of action since every new building you construct will generate more revenue than your previous enterprises. View the events from the very top and fulfill your missions to earn exceptional prizes. Give your employees objectives in your stores and improve the efficiency of their cars. Battle other players, assemble a team of talents, and vanquish them with the talent points you've earned. Let's see if you can reach the summit!

How to play

To play this game, you may use your mouse.