Crowd Run 3D


Crowd Run 3D is a fun 3D game. Lead your team reach the finish line safely without hitting any obstacles, reducing the number of people. Survive and reach the finish line safely.

Start the game

Start the game with a group of people standing at the starting line. The group has a total of 15 people and you need to lead these people to the finish line safely. In the process of reaching the finish line, you will encounter many obstacles about obstacles that make your team gradually lose numbers. Survive and survive until you reach the finish line.

Try to stay away from the obstacles as much as possible, because even a single mistake can lead to a loss of your troops. However, in the process of reaching the finish line, you can also add teammates and lead them to the finish line with you. The red people need a leader and you invite them to your team and make them blue. You can also restore the original number or increase the number of your team.

Amount received

Each person is converted into a gold coin. The number of people remaining to the finish line is your prize money. The more friends you keep, the more money you make. If there is only one survivor to the finish line, you can still get 1 gold coin. That's better than no one getting to the finish line and you don't have any bonuses.

How to move

Use the left/right arrow keys to move your crew.