Cute Elements


Cute Elements is an exhilarating game where you use the element of water to unleash other elements, combine the powers of these elements for explosive power

In Cute Elements, jump about and rescue your companions! You intended to go for a pleasant and enjoyable walk to visit your buddies. They were, however, imprisoned, much to your astonishment. Only you have the power to liberate them from their shackles and spare them from their ordeal!

You will be traveling across the platforms and attempting to solve puzzles in order to earn keys in this pleasant and engaging game. Those are the keys to getting your pals out of their prisons. You'll obtain additional keys one by one, and after you've unlocked a few cages, you'll be able to enlist the assistance of other elements. To get to the keys that are in tough-to-reach spots, use the specific power of each element. There are 32 levels in all, several of which may be unlocked when a particular amount of stars have been earned. Don't forget about the several interesting outfits that are unlocked every 6 minutes. When you complete the levels, you will get 96 stars and 10 cards.

Features in Cute Elements

  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics
  • A total of 32 levels
  • Simple and enjoyable controls
  • Costumes that may be obtained when a certain amount of time has passed

How to paly Cute Elements

  • Drag, Drop and Click