Cycle Extreme


In the fantastic driving game Cycle Extreme, you must maneuver your bike to go through perilous obstacles and get at your objective in order to complete stages.

Take the uphill and downhill paths through the hills. Leap over the openings. Pass through diseased trees. Make an effort to cross the line safely.

You'll play this game as a biker and take part in severe races. Can you complete the game's 21 levels? Start the game now and demonstrate your driving prowess!

has easy controls and fun gameplay. To accelerate, use the up arrow key or the W key; to brake, press the down arrow key or the S key; to balance, press the left and right arrow keys or the AD keys.

What about the extreme cycle? Visit this game to participate in exhilarating races on a variety of levels and maps. Before finishing the level, you may take use of the many terrains and difficulties.

Cycle Extreme's characteristics

  • the enjoyable bike racing game
  • 21 levels and several maps
  • Simple controls and fun gameplay

How to maintain

  • Up or W - accelerate
  • Left or S-break, or Down or A-lean left.
  • Right or D, err on the right