Draw The Coffee


Draw the line for the coffee drop from the coffee grinder to the coffee cup in Draw The Coffee. You just need to draw the line for the coffee drops until the cup is full.

Bringing coffee drops back to paper cups in Draw The Coffee!

The game has 100 different levels. The higher the level, the higher the obstacle level. Obstacles are also more and you need to have a strategy for the coffee drops to reach the cup without missing a single drop. Show off your talent by using a low-impact path that causes the coffee drop to come out.

Points to watch out for in the game

Pencil drawing

The longer the line, the harder it is to capture all three stars. So think and draw will give the least stroke, still ensure three stars but do not affect the number of coffee drops out of the cup.

How to pour a drop of coffee into a cup

Once you have drawn the lines that you think are best, press the handle of the coffee maker until it says 0%. You have then brought all the coffee drops down.

Signaling standard coffee cup

As the coffee drops fall, the drops enter the cup one by one and it will continue until the lid of the paper cup closes, when you're done. If the drops have all fallen but the cup is still not full, start the level again.