Drifty Race


Ride your racing car through the turns in Drifty Race. Navigate the crab car through the bends so the car doesn't fall off the playing field and reach the finish line safely.

Practice cornering in Drifty Race!

In the world of infinity, you sit in your car on the road to the destination. A road along with the car automatically goes forward. The problem with the autopilot is that it can only move straight ahead. Therefore, you must help the car navigate the bends so as not to fall on your field. The road is not too big, so you need to pay attention to the bend in front of you to avoid turning too far, causing the car to lose control and be thrown out of the field. Also, go into the blue straights, it helps you to accelerate forward faster and make you finish faster.

Overcoming many challenges of the levels, the bends will be more and more difficult, making you easy to lose direction. Concentrate so that the car turns many turns and reaches the finish line as quickly as possible. At the top is a bar that shows how far you are going to reach the finish line, see how far you are from the finish line.

Way to control

When the car is close to the turn, click to make the car turn left or right.