Ducklings.io is a fascinating game where stray ducklings need your help to return to their nest. Stay away from other evil ducks they will kidnap your baby

Ducklings is a lovely IO game in which you play as a caretaker duck that searches a pond for missing ducklings. You're swimming about looking for as many lost ducklings as possible to bring back to your nest. However, since you are not the only loving parent in the pond, other ducks will attempt to kidnap your duckling from you in order to gain respect and upgrade to your nest in order to rescue them.

Proceed to the next level for each duckling you rescue. After level 400, you completed the game! Avoid other ducks and do your best to safeguard your ducklings.... Oh, and stay away from the pond's motorboats, since they'll run you over.

How to play Ducklings.io

Ducklings in Peril

Swim around the water and float near the ducklings to save them. Return the ducklings to the nest. With each voyage, you may save as many ducklings as you wish.

Your nest is enhanced each time you meet the goal number of ducklings. Rep the process of protecting ducklings until your nest has grown into a formidable duck fortress.

Take precautions!

In Ducklings.io, you're not alone. Other ducks are also competing to rescue the ducklings, and they will not hesitate to steal your hard-won ducklings. Keep an eye out for sly ducks and avoid being struck by a boat. It's game over if you are struck by a boat!