Eggy Car


Eggy Car is a fun entertaining game. Take the fragile egg that is in a car moving on rough terrain. Try to move the fork and don't let the egg fall out of the car and break it.

Basic gameplay of the game

The game with the basic gameplay is to move the car with the foot brake, press the right accelerator to move forward. Press the left accelerator to reverse the car. The egg on the truck is very fragile. As long as you move a little too much, the egg will probably fall out of the car and break. You have to move very carefully, both being able to go through rough terrain, and make sure the egg is not thrown outside. The egg has no protection so be careful.

Unlock new car

In the process of moving the truck through rough terrain, you will encounter coins on the road. Try to collect all the coins on the screen. These coins will be used to buy new cars. There are four cars that you can buy once you have accumulated a certain amount of money. Or you can choose your original car and play along the journey.