EvoWars.io is a very good game for those who love the dramatic series. Your mission is to increase your reflexes to fight the strong people who want to kill you

Welcome to EvoWars.io's enormous Deathmatch arena!

You begin each game as a basic caveman. Your character develops and changes their skin tone and weapon with each level! This is the process of evolution.

Remember that you move more slowly the larger you are! Smaller opponents are simpler to hunt, but they move quicker than you, so be cautious not to miss them on your initial attack as you may not have a second opportunity!
In the entertaining multiplayer io game EvoWars.io, which is set in an epic fantasy realm, you take control of a dangerous and valiant warrior and try to slaughter your foes with a massive broadsword. Your sword's length grows longer with each adversary you harm or eliminate, enabling you to inflict more death and devastation.

You must move purposefully and properly timing your sword swings if you want to travel fast over the area and kill as many enemies as you can while avoiding other players' sword strikes. Can you rule the EvoWars and wield the largest blade in the country to fight giants?

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How to play:

  • To move your character, move the mouse pointer.
  • Attack using the left mouse button.
  • speed increase using the right mouse button (uses experience)

EvoWars.io Technique

Remember that being large not only makes killing enemies easier but also slows you down. Small heroes are agile and dangerous to large baddies!

If you are still little, attempt to either concentrate on collecting orbs or use a speed boost to approach enemies quickly.

If you are already large, try not to miss any blows since a little adversary may quickly spawn next to you.