Fishing is a fantastic fishing game in which you have to catch as many fish as possible while avoiding taking sharks. Use a hook and show your fishing skills!

This game is a classic game where you can demonstrate your fishing skills by catching as many fish as you can. After catching a fish, you will turn to the next level, and the time is faster than the time of the previous level. Therefore, ain correctly and drop your hook exactly to save time and get the highest score. It would be best if you were careful because there are some sharks in the sea. Make sure that you do not take nay shark.

This game is a way to release your stress efficiently. Have fun!

Features of Fishing

  • Vivid ocean graphic and great art animations
  • Get the highest score
  • Time's up
  • Level up

Release Date

Mar 20 2020

How to play

Use the mouse or touch to catch fish.