Fishing Frenzy

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Fishing Frenzy


Fishing Frenzy is an exciting game in which you have to catch fish as fast as possible to collect gifts and gain scores to complete your goals before time's up.

Are you looking for a game to relax after a long day's work? This game is ideal for everyone to get rid of boredom.

In this game, you have a mission to catch as many fish as possible to gain enough points on time. The time is limited, so it is best that you act as fast as possible. After completing the target, you can turn to the next level. Besides that, you can collect worms and bombs while catching fish. You can use worms to catch more fish, while bombs are used to destroy sharks. Let's start and show yourself!

Features of Fishing Frenzy

  • Endless fishing game
  • Unlimited fish
  • Level up

Release Date

Jun 17 2020

How to play

Use touch buttons or keyboard.

Keys : Left arrow, Right arrow, Down Arrow and Space bar