Fishing With Friends


Fishing With Friends is an exciting fishing battle game for multiplayer. You have to catch as many fish as possible to defeat other players in the zoom.

You and your mates undertake deep sea fishing in this real-time multiplayer game. To catch the fish, aim and shoot your harpoon. You can use a few extraordinary powerups available such as Rapid Fire, Exploding Net, and Ocean Vortex, to capture more fish. Who will be declared the winner at the end of this multiplayer fishing game? In 2 minute playtime, ideal for quick rounds, those who get the highest score will win.

A room with four players. Let's create your own moniker and avatar and score combinations and gain access to special powerups. To catch additional fish, open the ocean vortex.

Features of Fishing With Friends

  • Multiplayer
  • Get the highest score to win
  • Battle game
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animation
  • Various marine specipes with different profit

Release Date

  • Jan 09 2020

The game space is always our concern to bring the best entertainment time to everyone, you can completely relax with the game tiny fishing a great game for you to increase your fun.

How to play

Click or tap to play game.