Fishing With Pa


Fishing With Pa is an exciting game based on the fishing theme. Your mission is to support Pa to catch all marine species and get the highest score.

Grandpa has been a fisherman since he was a child. Now, he is old and needs your support to gain his expectation. He still wants to go fishing. Can you help him?

By participating in this game, you can experience the life of grandpa. Wait to catch fish. There are various marine species such as salmon, tuna, octopus, and pufferfish. Each species brings unique profit. Let's capture all fish to gain the highest score.

Moreover, there is a note for you. Fish speed and playtime will increase. It requires the exact reflexes and fast hand speed to take more fish. Let's try and enjoy!

Fetures of Fishing With Pa

  • Time's up
  • Various marine species
  • Record your high score

Release Date

Dec 23 2019

How to play

Mouse or Touchscreen