Food Tiles


Food Tiles is a mind game that puts three pictures together to make a pair. Choose the right shapes because you only have 7 slots. Try your hand at 100 different levels of the game and complete them in a short time to get three stars. If you love brain games, try other brain games in Apple Worm.

Take the challenge

The shapes are stacked on top of each other. You need to select three similar shapes to enter the box containing it to reduce the number of shapes on the screen. Light colors are taken away, the ones placed below are dark, you can't get them. There are up to 7 slots for pictures. Match 3 pictures together until there are no pictures left on the screen. Complete the challenge quickly in the allotted time.

Features of Food Tiles

Execution time

The left corner of the screen displays a time bar. The decreasing time starts from the moment you reach a new level. The star levels are above that, if you miss a star, they will automatically darken. Complete the challenge fast to get all 3 stars.

The help

The green box has a back symbol: helps you to return an image in the container to its originalposition. You only use this help when your container is full but there are not enough three pictures in a pair.

The blue box has a swap symbol that helps you swap the positions of the shapes on the screen. Use this help when your shapes don't have any left for you to match.

The yellow box with the magic wand symbol helps you find matching shapes from the shapes on the screen into its container and helps you reduce the area of the cell.


This mind game makes players enjoy because of its gameplay. You will experience 100 different levels. The higher the level, the more pictures on the screen and the higher the difficulty, requiring players to think quickly to conquer challenges.