Funniest Catch


Funniest Catch is a game play the fish is just export the current near here on the page of them I and it ask on the function and it fast to play.

You'll need these qualities in this game since you'll be the only one who can complete your goal. In this game, you must capture all of the fish in each level before nightfall. If you fail, you will lose and will have to start over. Catching fish in a single net toss will get you additional bonus points. In this free game fish, points are really essential because if you perform well, you have a chance to reach the top of the greatest players. You must be aware of sharks in the water, since landing will result in a break and you will have to restart from the beginning. To navigate the boat and operate the fishing nets in this game, use the mouse.

How to play Funniest Catch

  • To control the web and capture the fish, click, hold, move, and release the mouse.
  • To earn all of the stars and accomplishments, try to use as few clicks as possible.

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