Funny Rescue Pet


Help the poor creatures in Funny Rescue Pet. The animals are begging for you. Do things to help like wash the animals, renovate the house, make new house, ect.

The poor creatures are begging for your help. Did you see that pitiful eye photo? I'm sure you can't help but feel that pitiful. Do everything you can to help this creature.


There are 3 tasklists that need to be done. And one tasklist needs to be completed before the next tasklist can be reached. Each tasklist corresponds to bathing, disinfecting dogs and cats, renovating their house, and the last tasklist is to help cats and dogs change their appearance to be more beautiful.

The dog's house suddenly caught on fire and even though the dog came to put out the fire, it couldn't put it out and even got injured. Put out the fire first, then wash the dog and treat the wound and repair the house for him.

The cat's house has a leak and the cat is sick. Cure it completely: take a bath, measure the body, make medicine and fix the old plumbing and rebuild the house.

Shop for clothes and makeup for cats and dogs to make them more gorgeous. You will not be able to resist the cuteness in their clothes.


Achievements are recorded after you complete something. There are 10 small achievements in total and let's do all of them.

How to control

Use the mouse to play