Gold Miner Tom


Gold Miner Tom is a classic gold mining game. The objective of the game is to collect the required amount of gold or diamonds to move on to the next level.


Multi-level game for you to try
Each level has a time limit to complete.
Lots of rich upgrades
Simple but beautiful graphics and funny sounds
It's completely free to play and download.

How to play

Since each level has a time limit, choose your gold wisely. You can choose gold or diamonds at close range or far away, big or small, in mysterious gift bags that can contain things of high value or very little value. Control the direction of the drawbar to hit the target. Choose the biggest gold nuggets, diamonds, or whatever in the allotted time. Please calculate the correct time to collect gold effectively.
Avoid hitting mines and dead branches that are worthless!
After each level, there will be upgrades. Choose the appropriate upgrade for the gold mining process to take place effectively.


Left-click to release the drawbar.