A fast shooting io style gun battle game called GunNight.io. Kill with a single shot and instantly reappear. Are you confident to survive to the end?

Your weapon is your only ally in GunNight.io! Your only hope of surviving when surrounded by other hostile players is to triumph over them all before they wipe you off! Can you reach the top of the scoreboard by shooting everyone before they shoot you?

The game's constant barrage of bullets is heavily influenced by Hotline Miami. Take out your trusty firearm and enter the arena to prove to everyone that you are the world's best shooter! In order to get a good score, your goal is to eliminate as many players as possible. You may choose how your character looks from the main menu before embarking on your fantastic trip. Several times clicking on the character icon will help you discover a look you like. Choose a server to play on and give yourself a name. In the safe zone, the game begins for you. While in this location, you cannot attack or be attacked. To travel around and leave the safe area, use the WASD keys. To fire, click the left mouse button while aiming with your mouse. You will be rewarded for defeating foes. To get the most points, take cover behind the buildings and eliminate as many foes as you can. Also, remember to get ammunition! 

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Can change the look of your character

How to play GunNight.io:

Take aim and fire: Mouse (Mobile: Touch Right & Drag) the way: W A S D (Mobile: Touch Left & Drag) Result board: E (Mobile: Touch Bottom Right)