Handstand Run


Handstand Run is a unique game where you have to use your hands to compete with other players. Very important skill to win the battle, let's show it now

Place your head on the ground and your feet in the air in Handstand Run. Many people assume that a handstand is very difficult to do. However, you can walk and even run in a handstand! Let's see how well you can do these now.

You may take part in an odd competition in this 3D game. There is just one opponent, and your aim is to be the first to reach the finish line. If you can walk across the platform before your opponent, you will finish the level. You must navigate the platform's ups and downs fast. But bear in mind that you're on your hands and knees. To travel faster or slower, just vary your leg position. Also, try not to lose your balance and fall over. Let's see if you can finish first in this unusual event!

Features in Handstand Run

  • 3D vivid visuals are included.
  • There are many levels to finish.
  • Intuitive abilities
  • Relaxing gaming experience
  • Gameplay that is addicting

How to play Handstand Run

  • Drag horizontally to change character tilt