Help Imposter Escape


Help Imposter Escape is an action game where you will control Imposter to jump and run to the portal. You have to face many obstacles on the way. 

Like the name of the game, your mission is to help the impostor escape! The impostor got lost in an unfamiliar dimension, unable to find the way out. You have to help him jump over spikes, get coins and get to the portal. This task will not be easy. Jumping can land you in deadly traps so you have to be careful. In addition, jumping can also be very difficult when landing on slippery ground. Besides jumping, you need to continue to collect coins and upgrade your character.

To complete the mission use WASD or ARROW to move and jump by pressing SPACEBAR. To pass the levels, you need to reach the portal at the end of each level to teleport to another portal.

The game becomes more challenging with 50 levels for you to challenge. Initially, you will easily pass the levels, but later there will be tons of difficulties waiting for you. Try to complete each level with three stars to unlock many new characters in the shop. The more stars, the more cool characters you can unlock.

One more thing, with easy gameplay and simple graphics, the game can be playable on all platforms (desktop or smartphone). Now, the game is available on our web for free. Don’t wait anymore, click on the game to have fun! 

Tips to play the game

  • The platforms are very slippery, so use the right and left arrows to keep balance
  • The character's life is more important than the coins, so do not try to collect all the coins that put your character in danger.

How to control

  • Use the arrow key or WASD for moving. Use the spacebar for jumping. Use the joystick in the mobile version.