Hill Climb Racing 2


Hill Climb Racing 2 is an exciting physics-based driving game full of thrills and challenges. Get ready to conquer hills, overcome obstacles, master your speed and reach the finish line in 90 seconds before continuing your journey.


Diverse maps correspond to different environments.
Beautiful graphics along with a completely innovative and free music track editor
Diverse vehicles and many upgrades
Race against time and break your own record. Conquer the rankings.

How to play

There are 15 maps with different terrains waiting for you to conquer. Complete each level and unlock them one by one.
Overcome twisty and steep roads to race against time, reach the finish line within the allowed time, and move on to new levels with increasingly challenging terrain. Each level has a maximum of 90 seconds for you to complete.
Control the speed and balance of your vehicle; avoid overturning too much. Collect coins along the way to buy decorations and vehicle upgrades.


Use the arrow keys to move.