Hole.io is a fascinating game that takes you into the depths of the universe. Swallow everything into space to clean this city. Become a monster now.

In the game Hole.io, take control of an endless sinkhole and get ready to consume anything that gets in your way. You have access to an extremely diverse range of food items, from mailboxes to skyscrapers, to satiate your insatiable appetite. Can you expand to become the biggest player on the map and consume other players at the same time?

It's a big, congested city. But with you and other people present, it won't last very long. Your objective in this game is to devour as many stuff as you can in order to grow to be the biggest and the only player on the map. To begin, provide a name. If you want to alter how you seem, choose a skin from the menu. Choose between two different modes to play in. In the first, called normal mode, your objective is to complete the game in two minutes with the highest score you can muster. The second mode is battle. You try to be the last person standing on the map by consuming other players. Press the play button when ready to start the video. Click and drag the mouse to move. Start out by eating simple foods. As you gain points, you will get larger and be able to consume larger items, even buildings. Larger players should be avoided as much as possible since they may also consume you!

How to play Hole.io:

  • Move the mouse across the city

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