Help the man overcome obstacles to propose to the girl in Homescapes. The girl is standing at the other end of the maze, and you need to overcome the barrier to get to her.

The obstacles in the maze

The woman the main character loves is trapped on the other side of the maze. You have to go with that man into the maze to save her. The road to her rescue was not an easy one. He has to go through a lot of obstacles about dogs, killers, fire, traps, arrows, cogs, and smashers. You have to help the man pass without any problems.

A few things to note

In the first level, you will feel quite easy because the obstacles are discrete with each other. But when it comes to higher levels, the obstacles are combined together. Especially in the levels indispensable obstacles are dogs and killers. Open the door that contains harmful objects that kill each other so that you will not be harmed.

Killing all the bad dogs and killers is also completing the obstacles and now go to save the woman. You also have to quickly make your way through arrows, cogs and smashers before they crush or kill you. And quickly put out the fire before you get burned.