Jump the Shark


Jump the Shark is the most popular fun game right now. The game's graphics are beautifully designed to increase the experience for all players

Jump the Shark is yet another fantastic game that we are delighted to have been able to add to our Disney XD Games category on our website, which has only gotten better as a result of its addition, and we are confident that all fans of this network and the shows that air on it will be grateful for it, not to mention that they will have had a great time once they have completed it. Phineas and Ferb Games, Kickin' It Games, Crash and Bernstein Games, and others join together for this game, about which we'll tell you more about right now, so stay tuned!

How to play Jump the Shark

When the arrow gets as close to the red zone as feasible, click on the screen to make the biggest launch possible. While in the air, click to bounce off of various sharks, since this will help you get further, and the more you progress, the better, because the more points you will earn. You must restart if you stop, so try to stop as late as possible. The fun starts right now, so don't waste any time with this game!


Use the mouse to drag and shoot away