Kick the Buddy


Kick the Buddy is a game that not only helps you have more entertainment but also helps you release all your frustrations in just a few clicks.

Everyone needs a good release. Even while most of us receive our fill of violence thanks to video games, most of us don't go out and imitate what we do in them. Thankfully, Kick The Buddy is a fantastic addition to all the Funny Games on tiny fishing.co, providing us with the ideal outlet for those times when we simply want to beat, shoot, set on fire, or run over anything. However, how do you play Kick the Friend? The buddy is here to assist you.

Playing Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy is a fantastic stress reliever, which is why it has thousands of players on Play-Games. As soon as Kick the Friend begins, you'll see that your buddy may be outfitted with a variety of accessories. They do, of course, cost coins, and if you're just starting off with Kick the Buddy, you won't have any.

When you start the game, your companion and you are placed in a cramped space. The only thing you can do with the friend is repeatedly stabs him. The knives are yours without cost. However, a coin emerges from the buddy each time you stab him with a knife. It's practical, right? You'll see a list of weapons that may be bought for coins. Therefore, the more suffering you caused your buddy, the more cash you would get. Simple, right?

Tips From The Buddy
Since Kick the Buddy is only a stress-relieving game, there isn't much to it. There aren't any difficult challenges or opponents to contend with. You are merely trying to hurt your pal as much as possible.

Be patient while using your weapons. Even while stabbing your friend repeatedly may grow tiresome, it will be worthwhile as you start upgrading your weapons and inflicting more agony on the victim as you earn new weapons.
Prioritize weaponry above extras. Sure, you want to help out when you beat up a pal by dressing him up, but doing so will delay the advancement of your weapons. You must concentrate on what matters most: using more powerful weapons to harm your pal the most.