Mahjong Fishing Combats


Mahjong Fishing Combats is one of the most unique online mahjong games for you to relax. This is an active game that requires a calculation to win against the opponent

Fish and items related to fishing will, of course, be depicted on the tiles you must match. You must find identical tiles and click on them to pair them up, as long as they are not separated by other tiles blocking their path, and score more points than your opponent, as each tile has a different point value.

There are three game modes to choose from

  • Single Duel: You play against the computer in this 1P mode.
  • Hotseat: This is a two-person option in which you play a turn-based game against another genuine player on the same device.
  • Campaign: You play against seven opponents in a succession, one after the other, with the game's complexity rising as each opponent is defeated.

How to play Mahjong Fishing Combats

  • Tap the tiles that are identical and have at least one open side. You may use a mouse or any other pointing device, or you can use your fingers.

Now that you know what to do and how to do it, we're certain you'll be able to give the game you're all and completely enjoy it, after which we encourage you to check out even more free mahjong games on our website!