Mahjong Solitaire


Mahjong Solitaire is the game that is sure to make it hard for you to get off your screen. Show your sharp eyes to conquer this most famous game

Mahjong is a tile-based game using 144 tiles. These tiles are arranged in a four-player layout as the game begins. Tiles concealed behind other tiles are not visible. The top tiles must be removed to reveal the tiles underneath.

Only two identical free tiles may be matched. A free tile is one that is unobstructed on both the left and right sides. You win the game when you eliminate all pairs of tiles from the board.

Many tiles seem to be the same, however, they vary slightly. To discover identical tiles, you'll need a keen intellect and the ability to focus on the differences.

Groups of tiles

The tiles are divided into seven categories:

  • Season and Flowers tiles only occur once throughout the game, whilst other kinds appear four times.
  • The only tiles that may be matched are those that are the same. The flower and season tiles, on the other hand, are an exception. Any flower tile may be combined with another, and any season tile can be combined with another.

There is a time restriction.

You only have a certain amount of time to clean the board in each battle. Race against the time and be speedy!

Use the "Hint" option in the bottom right corner if you get stuck and can't locate any probable matches. Infinite clues are available in the game. It's a pretty nice thing to have.

You can view the number of probable matches presently available in the upper-left corner.

What Is Mahjong Solitaire and How Do I Play It?

To clear tiles, left click or press them.

Features of the Mahjong Game:

  • There are several free boards to test your skills on.
  • Various tiles
  • Infinite free clues Platforms with cool graphics
  • On your PC, Android, or iOS mobile device, you may play Mahjong on your web browser.

Are mahjong games available for free?

  • You may, of course, play Mahjong for free on our website. Don't forget to look at all of the other great options!