Mario Dandy


Join Mario to overcome thousands of challenges in the never-ending battle Mario Dandy. Avoid the onslaught of poisonous walking mushrooms and collect mysterious boxes.

How to play the game Mario Dandy

As with the classic Mario games, you can move Mario forward or backward with the left and right arrow keys. Stay away from poisonous walking mushrooms and exotic animals you haven't imagined. To get more points, jump up and crush them. Collect and progress to mysterious boxes with question marks to receive unexpected gifts like money, power-ups,...You'll get some power-ups that you can't have if you're small in size. The power runs out when you accidentally touch the strange creature and you will return to the original state.

The charm of the classic game Mario

Mario is a classic game that has been around for a long time and has earned a certain status among gamers. When not developed in the computer form, you will find Mario games at the arcade or manual toy store. How famous it used to be. Also thanks to the wide coverage of the Mario game, it has been followed by many games with titles like Mario but with different contexts, spaces,... And one of them, the Mario Dandy game will bring you back to your old childhood, helping you remember the memories.