Merge Master


Merge Master is a very attractive strategy game set in prehistoric times with dinosaurs you never knew. Use your wisdom to defeat the enemy ahead.

With Merge Master, combine troops and dinosaurs of the same rank to advance them and strengthen your force! Utilize the environment to your advantage by keeping up with the enemy's evolution and the times. Use a variety of strategies and pair combinations, the strength of the audience or quality, and your imposing presence!

The earliest conflicts fought by humans are what you are going to see. The weapons in this ape-like battleground include sticks, stones, and even domesticated dinosaurs. We have triumphs to claim, so forget all you know about contemporary warfare and unite your might with this world's ancient creatures! In this field, you can only recruit warriors and monsters of the first level, although there are methods to enhance them. To acquire a stronger warrior, you may hold a first-level soldier and place it on another. The approach will include using the military, but the result will be worthwhile. The same is possible with dinosaurs. Combine two monsters with the same level to receive an upgrade, then use your new war machine to terrify your foes! To maintain the advantage, find fresh warriors and species, open the following ages, and move ahead of the opposition. Before each stage, enlist as many as you can to keep up with the demands!


  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Fun and compelling levels
  • Increasing difficulty
  • Available improvements
  • Enhancing tactical abilities
  • Accessible through mobile

How to play Merge Master:

 After combining all of your animals, take on the ultimate boss! There will be a monster with rising strength waiting for you at every round of this challenge! Utilize your plan in the present and identify the ideal combo to draw.