Minecraft Classic


Minecraft Classic is a game chosen by many online players because of the undeniable beauty that this game brings. Build your own kingdom, unique and comfortable

Minecraft Classic includes 32 blocks to construct with, allowing you to create anything you want in creative mode or hosting a multiplayer server with up to 8 buddies.

The online version of Minecraft Classic is based on the original Mojang release. Although it lacks many of the features seen in later iterations, this version is still a lot of fun to play in your browser.

Mojang, a Swedish game company located in Stockholm, has released the official Minecraft Classic game for your browser. They are also the designers of Cobalt and Scrolls, two video games. This online version has been re-released as a special 10th-anniversary present.

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How to play Minecraft Classic

  • WASD - Move
  • Space Bar - Jump
  • Show building blocks - REMOVE
  • Place/Remove Blocks - LMB
  • Swap put/remove blocks - RMB
  • Spawner - WOOD
  • Chat - BILLION
  • Fog Conversion - F
  • Save location - Enter
  • Load location - A