Mini Golf Club


Compete with opponents for the first hole in Mini Golf Club. You transform into a golf ball and race with other competitors to the finish line first.

Change appearance in Mini Golf Club

Compete with many opponents and win many matches to get many bonuses. Take advantage of those bonuses for your character. Change your look with baseball cap and laser. You can also change the color of the ball, the laser depending on your preferences without losing any money.

Compete with your opponent for the hole first

Your job is quite simple. You will enter the match with random opponents that the game brings. You and the other competitors have the same goal of hole first. Drag and hold the mouse to the position and speed you want. Do not build momentum too far or you will fall into the water, which affects and slows your ability to finish. Notice also the time at the top of the screen. A little tip that makes it easier to get points than keeping the ball on the ground, even if you don't finish, you still have points compared to if you fell into the water.

Test your golf skills in this game. Whether you have never or have played golf in reality, you will find playing golf here is a novelty.