To succeed in the epic battle royale game MiniGiants.io, you must level up your character. To the amazing universe where tiny fighters grow into powerful giants!

You are a miniature giant with a similarly little axe. You have to take on the remaining miniature giants and other terrifying creatures. Use an ax to beat them all, get points, and develop. Develop into a warrior. Multiplayer is offered with the assurance of excitement and pleasure.

The Rules of MiniGiants.io
To move your character, move the mouse pointer.

Attack using the left mouse button.

Speed increase using the right mouse button

MiniGiants.io Strategy
1. Pay attention to levelling up and early-game low-level players.
2. Gather sparkly rocks to level up by gaining experience.
3. Keep a watch out for the chests that your adversaries drop; by opening them, you may get money.