Money Movers 1


Money Movers 1 is a game in which you must liberate two criminals from a harsh jail while learning what it takes to be a skilled thief for the first time.

A jailbreak will only be attempted by the most resourceful and courageous convicts. In the addicting game Money Movers, you'll meet criminal brothers and help them escape from their prison cell by leading them through several tough and amusing levels. Despite being incarcerated in the country's most security jail, the twins look unfazed. There were no traps, security cameras, or guards that could stop them. Infiltrate the prison and assist them in their escape attempt!

Money Movers is set in a prison, and you are in charge of two brothers who are trying to escape. There are a total of 20 levels in this game, each with its own set of challenges to conquer. Pushing buttons, pulling levers, throwing and manipulating things, and even escaping from the prison's other violent inmates are all ways to get over these barriers. The prison isn't empty, and you'll have to deal with many tiers of convicts and guards all attempting to keep you from escaping. The criminal brothers are two brothers that have quite contrasting physical characteristics. The one is rather large, while the other is pretty little. Despite his ability to throw items, the elder brother lacks the speed and agility of his younger sister. Unlike his older brother, the younger sibling is speedier and can move through tight spaces. You must employ both characters to accomplish the levels and clear your path since one can reach places that the other cannot. Money bags will appear at the conclusion of each level, which you must collect to unlock the bonus level. Each level has three money bags, however not all of them are easy to get. You may play the bonus level after collecting all of the money bags in the game and assisting the brothers in escape the jail with cash!

Money Movers 1 has the following features:

  • There are 2D graphics provided.
  • 2 characters at your disposal
  • There are a total of 20 levels.
  • A second level that can be unlocked

Playing Money Movers 1:

  • Pick a character and help them both get out!