My Mini Mart


Become a seller in My Mini Mart. The supermarket is yours, you need to provide tomatoes and eggs to receive money and expand your workplace.

Specifically about the work of mini mart employee

The store is empty and you need to do everything to make money. Collect tomatoes and eggs in the stall for customers to choose and buy them. Create eggs by feeding chickens with tomatoes. Do those jobs until you have enough money to buy and upgrade items in your Mini Mart. Navigate your character to where you need to go. Do you want your mini mart to become a big supermarket? Work hard, but you also need to think and strategize to make your work lighter.

Earn a lot of money to upgrade items to make your work lighter. The game is absolutely not forced on time, what you need to care about is to grow your mini mart as big as you can. Generate a lot of income from your own tomatoes and eggs. Expanding them first makes it easier for you to generate more income to upgrade to something else. Enjoy relaxing together with this 3D game.

How to control

Navigate the character to each area you want with the Mouse.