Om Nom Bounce


Om Nom Bounce is a puzzle game where you have to shoot candy projectiles to destroy enemies. Pass all levels to get more candies to upgrade Om Nom talents.

Spider Wizard has captured your friends, and your task is to help Om Nom save them. How to save your friends? Let’s swipe the mouse to adjust the angle with the dotted lines and shoot enemies.

Om Nom is able to shoot candy projectiles. For the first time, Om Nom only can shoot one projectile. However, when you collect more candy projectiles, you will shoot more projectiles at the same time. Be aware of the spray paint characters which can shoot you back. Try to kill them for one shot. The candy projectiles can bounce and attack enemies many times in one shot. Therefore, you need to estimate the angle and dotted lines to shoot effectively. 

Om Nom has lives, and you will lose one whenever you lose a level. Don’t worry; over time, you will regain hearts. When you pass a level, you can get some doughnuts and candies, which can be used to upgrade Om Nom’s talents in the talent tree. That thing can help your character will be stronger and can kill more enemies. How many can you pass? Click on the game now to answer. Good luck! 

Features of Om Nom Bounce 

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Attractive graphics and characters
  • Pass levels to get candies
  • Upgrade character’s talents.