Om Nom: Run


Om Nom: Run is an endless running game until you hit an obstacle. Overcome the challenges in each level. Collect gold coins to upgrade your running ability or unlock new characters.

Om Nom's running journey

A never ending race going forward. You will play the character Om Nom who is wearing a chicken mask to perform his running journey. In each level will be different running goals, the higher the level, the farther the goal runs. You can track how far you've run at the top of the screen. During the run, avoid the obstacles and collect as many gold coins as you can.

Some items during the run

During the run, you can encounter things that increase power such as magnets, rocket boosters, and double coins. Try to get it to help your running journey.

How to move

Move left/right, jump over/crouch when avoiding obstacles and collect coins.

Features of the game

Levels in Om Nom: Run

There are a total of 120 levels waiting for you to come and experience. Complete every race completely to get all three stars. Completing all three stars earns you a decent bonus. And the journey, you will experience many new contexts to increase the attraction of the game.

Unlock new characters

Om Nom has a few friends that he has made during his run. You can change the character Om Nom to other characters performing for the next challenges. You can track each character's stunts before unlocking them and using them for your next journey.