Panda Pizza Parlor


Become the best pizza seller in Panda Pizza Parlor. Together with the panda, create pizzas that are both delicious and according to customers' requirements. In addition, avoid mistakes that cause customers to wait a long time and leave.

To become the best pizza seller, you must not only be fast in speed, but also have to be attentive to the requirements of your customers. Based on your cooking counter is divided into the required ingredients such as flour to create the base, ketchup, cheese, ect. Customers come and ask you to make a pizza, you need to finish it right and as quickly as possible. Customer wait time is limited, a wait scale of each customer will be displayed. And you need to do it right and quickly to the customer. Avoid making mistakes that cause you to start over and risk losing current and future customers if guests wait too long.

Execution time

Each level only takes place in 60 seconds, during this time do our best to complete as many pizzas as required and as quickly as possible to customers. Doing so will give you a chance to get three stars. But when you miss two or more customers are likely to get only one star.

Levels of the game

The game has 35 levels corresponding to the ingredients, ingredients are added to make pizza. The more ingredients, the more pizzas customers will ask for. Therefore, it requires you to be very quick and do it promptly to avoid losing customers.