Perfect Hoopz 3


Perfect Hoopz 3 is an attractive sports game where you have to shoot balls into the hoop. There are many levels for you to challenge your limit.

When come to this game, you will never be bored. The game offers three modes which are normal mode, king mode and time mode. Each mode has different features, but the mission is the same together. Your final target is to hoop the ball into the basket. You have to estimate the distance between the ball and the hoop to make some awesome throwing. Press and swipe the mouse to adjust the strength and angle. Then, release to throw the ball. 

In normal mode, you must score enough points to pass the levels, and the number of balls is limited. When playing the king mode, you must make 3 hoops to pass, but if you only make 2, you can try one safety shot to pass the level. Moreover, if you fail a level, you can use extra lives to continue. You earn an extra life if you shoot 5 hoops. You earn a safety shot if you shoot 4 hoops. In time mode, you can throw infinite balls, but the time is limited. Throw the ball on time to pass the level. Each mode has 25 levels. Can you clear all the levels? 

Features of Perfect Hoopz 3

  • Simple control
  • Adjust the angle and strength, then shoot 
  • Three modes: normal, king and time mode
  • Play the game for free 

How to control

  • Press and swipe the mouse to adjust 
  • Release to throw the ball