Pizza Chef


Become the chef of a pizza restaurant in Pizza Chef. Embark on making a pizza according to the customer's request and complete it to make the customer happy.

Become the ultimate pizza chef in Pizza Chef

Ambition to become a super chef specializing in pizza is a big goal. To do that, you have to practice as well as experience, sell as much as you can, improve your skills so that customers come back and recommend to friends. The basic as well as the first step to achieve the goal is to make delicious and correct dishes according to the customer's requirements.

Steps to make a pizza!

The process of making a pizza is quite a feat. In this game, you will be immersed in the character, experience like making a real pizza. If you don't know how to make pizza, the game will guide you with hints through a hand pointing at objects. To make a pizza, the first step is to make the base. Mix flour with spices, knead the cake, bake the cake base and then add the ingredients for the cake. Each cake will be made according to the customer's request, you have to choose in your shop to choose the ingredients as the customer has suggested.

To better understand the stages of making a pizza, experience the game. I think you will also know how to make real pizza by playing this game.