Plants Vs. Zombies


Plants Vs. Zombies popular for download now has an HTML version on our site. Help the plants protect the farmer's house from the attack of Zombies.

New version easier in the game

Plants Vs. Zombies were too hot for a while. However, so far it still retains the attraction of players. A game that millions of people play day and night, and so far, its hotness has not shown any signs of cooling down. Let's review the beautiful memories in this game.

The farmer's house is threatened by the onslaught of Zombies, which is very disturbing, but he has an array of plants that can help him in this task. However, this farmer doesn't know how to properly position the plants, so he needs your help. Arrange the plants, strategize so that Zombies do not attack the farmer's house.

The plants in the game

Before starting the game, you can choose the plants on the list to go to battle. Some of the typical plants often seen in matches such as Sunflower, Peashooter, Cherry Bomb,... Also, choose another character with a high recovery index to stay on the defensive as much as possible. If the Zombies break through the vegetation and reach the house, a wheelbarrow will pass by and run over them, but remember, there are only 5 wheelbarrows and can only be used once. Zombies will attack on the house if they don't have any left.