Puffy Cat


Puffy Cat is an entertaining game that helps the golden cat pop all the balloons. Overcome many challenges and obstacles to help the golden cat burst all the balls. Use the money earned and buy accessories for the cat in the shop. Another interesting game about animals that you can experience is called Monkey Mart.

Lead the game Puffy Cat

Help the lovely elastic yellow cat pop all the balloons in one play. Tap the black and yellow striped shape to start moving. Pay attention to the objects around it. There are several items that assist the cat in completing the challenge.

After many times completing the challenge, your ball has reached the target. At this point, another balloon image will appear and you continue your journey to overcome the challenge to progress to another balloon image.

Features in Puffy Cat

Surprise reward

Surprise rewards will appear suddenly and randomly at every level after you complete the current challenge. You will have a chance to hit 3 rewards that are money or accessories for the golden cat. In addition, you can also open more rewards if you exchange the bomb you have in exchange for it.

Collect bombs

Some levels will have bombs and you need to collect it for future use. Holds up to three bombs and sustains it in case of an emergency.

Buy items in the store

There are many accessories to change your cat to be more new. There are 20 mysterious accessories waiting for you to discover. Use the money you earn from completing challenges.