Quick Capture


With Quick Capture, conquer all cities and encircle the opposing capital! Conquer towns, then use your cash to find and conquer additional territory! In both online and offline modes, defeat the opposition village by village by encircling them and denying them any options!

Welcome to a game of skill, luck, and economics! You may train alone or take on other players by selecting between the online and offline modes. Easy, medium, and hard are the three levels of difficulty available in offline mode. You may start in the simple level to get a feel for how the game operates before moving on to the harder games. Start by encircling your capital by gaining access to its surroundings. You have to pay a cent for each vacant tile you take. To improve your revenue, concentrate on capturing cities. Your primary source of revenue comes from these cities. Additionally, you can look for balloons that can land on any tile that is not shown on the map. Prior to approaching the opposition, try to capture as many cities as you can. To avoid running out of money, use your income wisely. To make your territories more resilient and to safeguard your capital, upgrade them. Win the game by capturing the surrounding regions and encircling the opposing capital.

How to play

To play this game, simply use your mouse.