Rubek is a minimalist puzzle game with a sophisticated cube. There are 75 levels from difficult to easy so you can test your intelligence and sensitivity

In the Rubek game, you will assist the grey cube as he embarks on a trip. Your character, who will be standing at the start of a pretty twisting path, will be shown in front of you on the screen. Cells will be conditionally split into the road surface. A + sign will be put on some of them, and some of them will be painted in certain colours. A doorway leading to the next level of the game may be found at the end of the path. You must use the mouse to draw a certain length of a line in order to move your cube. The length of the journey your hero must travel should be represented by this line. Always keep in mind that if you make a mistake, he will go off the road and you will fail the level.

How to play Rubek:

Instructions WADS or arrow keys may be used to move the cube. likewise, be moved by clicking and dragging