Run 3


Race endlessly with the game Run 3. Control the alien to run as far as possible. Don't fall into deep space. Experience as many levels as you can.

Run 3 has two game modes for you to choose from:
Exploration mode: Players are allowed to add more levels to the map.
Infinite mode: The game has no end. The goal is to go as far as possible, avoiding falling out of the galaxy.

Unique graphics that combine 3D gameplay, simple, easy controls, and a cartoon style make the game attractive.
Skillfully control the aliens running along the walls. Find a safe path to take and avoid dangerous areas that can cause you to fall into deep space at any time.
Run, jump, and survive for a long time!


The left or right arrows rotate the world as you move.
The up arrow is to jump.
The R key will reset.
Press the P key to pause the game.