Shark Evolution


Shark Evolution takes you into the world of big fish eating small fish. Help the shark from a young age and eat small fish and people to grow up, when it grows in size, eat sharks that are smaller than you to quickly grow bigger.

Become an ocean shark in Shark Evolution

Starting with the shark when he was young, he could only eat small fish, moving around for food to grow bigger. At the same time, focus on eating people who are enjoying themselves at sea and have no defenses. Eating humans leaves traces of blood and attracts sharks larger than you. Get out of the area quickly so you don't fall prey to a larger shark. The more you eat bigger fish, the faster you will increase in size compared to if you only eat very small fish.

How to control

Use left mouse to move around, right mouse to speed up

Obstruction in the process of eating small animals

The game has no end and only stops when you are eaten by sharks bigger than you. Maintain as long as possible and become the ocean shark. Whether the process of becoming the biggest shark in the ocean lasts or not depends on your skill in eating small fish. The larger the size, the slower the movement speed makes you can't eat many small fish, use a reasonable position to be able to eat as many fish as possible.