Sharkosaurus Rampage


Sharkosaurus Rampage is a game with crazy ideas when you transform into an underground laboratory. But now is your time to rise above the shackles

Sharkosaurus Rampage is going to be one of the most thrilling destruction games 3D that has been added to our website recently. While we may have previously featured content about sharks and dinosaurs separately, this time you play as the monstrous mutant Sharkosaurus, who is determined to destroy everything in his path. Are you prepared?

Rampage is about the Sharkosaurus!

Use WASD for movement and the mouse for shooting or biting at the beginning. There are a total of sixteen stages for you to complete, and to keep things interesting, you may face greater dangers or even turn into troops or other types of creatures. Attempt to get a high score and all three stars for each level.

Don't be afraid to be as vicious as you want to be; let out your inner beast! The more people you kill/eat, the more damage you do to the laboratories, towns, woods, or other areas you are on, and the higher your score. Start now and don't forget to tell your friends about this fantastic game!